About Me

My name is Lawrence Conyers - and I designed and maintain this website for The H.D.S.
I have been an active member of the society since summer 1998, and produce almost all of their publicity materials, posters and programs. By the light of day, I am a multimedia specialist and do all types of computer and multimedia work for all types of companies under the guise of www.acatcalledgeorge.co.uk. (and I'm currently very much open to any offers of permanent employment!).

I'm 33 and have been a "non paid" (the only difference between amateur and professional actors) actor for many years with such companies as Woodlands Drama Group (Harrogate), Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society (Hull), The Petuaria Players (my home village of Brough nr. Hull), Ferriby Fringe (Ferriby, nr. Hull), Cast Iron Theatre Company (Hull), and Witzend Theatre Company (Hull), The Electricity Players (Hull), Remould Theatre Company (Hull), Shirley Players (Croydon) and Croydon Dramatic Society (Croydon).I have now clocked up way to many productions to accurately count (45+). Mostly stage, but an ever increasing amount of film, radio, tv and voice-over work too - noteably a 10 minute film dialogue called "Killing Time" (1994) and 10 seconds as Lord Darnley in James Burke's "Connections" series.

I lived in Brough, near Hull (no!), until the age of 24, then spent a brief period in Croydon before moving to Wetherby in 1995, and then to Harrogate in 1996.

Many of my other hobbies are computer related, or to be more accurate - multimedia related. Music, video, sound editing / remixing, animations, CG work, artwork and so on. I suppose that must mean I'm in the right line of business... but I'm also hoping to devote more time to writing and intend to get my first book published as soon as I have time to finish it. It will be about time. Litteraly.

There are far too many fantastic places like Ingleborough Hill, Whitescar, Spurn Point, Wheeldale Moore etc. that I feel totally at ease in, on, under, around or struggling up to mention - so I won't. Let's just say I have a pretty deep appreciation for countryside and if I can combine that with music (Mozart or Meatloaf, Verdi or Vangelis depending on mood) then I'm a happy chap.

Oh and one last thing.... sorry about the photograph........